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Friday, 1 July 2011


So, I'm thinking about images this afternoon. 

Well, I quite like the idea of creative commons - though I still fondly remember the days when the internet was altogether less commercialised and restrictive, but having said that, if I was putting pictures on the internet (which I don't think I would do), then I probably would want people to use them with some provisos.

As for Flickr - yes, lots of good photos; however I could spend days looking through all these lovely images.  Here is mine, which is too big, but I'm not sure which software I have here at city to let me edit images. 

I tried the helpdesk, but no response, which does happen a bit at times like these, and I know this is an issue for our students too sometimes.  Perhaps for my thought for this week could be that  the response centre might be better with a queing system - especially when they are short staffed.  I know that I actually find it less frustrating to be in a queue (as long as I'm updated with my place in the queue), than to constantly be sent to an answerphone.  Having said that, when they do answer, I always find them to be very helpful and informative and I think all our IT people do a great job.  I'll just email instead.  Anyway, so here it is too big, but better than nothing.  It was called frustration.

thanks to RandOm for the image via cc licence
Though, I would personally not be driving quite so close, as I always find it easier to overtake things and see round them if I leave a bigger gap (not that I would be found overtaking on a bend like this!).  And the photo has cheered me up a bit, thinking about weekends away ...

Friday, 24 June 2011

Ebooks (and igoogle of course!)

We have a growing range of ebooks here at SCHS (118 ebooks on nursing alone) and I think they're great, but still I can't persuade my students to use them...

Thinking we'd take the initiative, we introduced an ebooks training session for our Sept 2010 pre-reg nurses (along with our databases searching, finding health information etc), but still they resist...

We drew up guides, but this didn't seem to help.  Put up presentations, but to no avail for many of our IT reluctant students.

Perhaps it's just a transition phase?  Maybe we just need to keep plugging away.  After all, most technology is embraced over a period of years for most people.  And we do need the books to run side by side with the e-version ideally, so as not to alienate our students and academics.

One colleague - simon in schs suggested putting a QR code/ebook info next to the hard copy book - which I thought sounded good and worth a try...  Maybe improve out guides...   Maybe more posters stressing the benefits (no heavy books to carry, available 24 hours a day, available anywhere you have internet access).  Maybe trying to suss out more specifically what our students don't like about them...

We shall persevere, but I'm always open to all other ideas...

p.s.  you might be asking how this can possibly be related to week 2, but you'll be glad to know that I tried (and failed) to add a link to an ebook on to my personalised i-google.  Yes, I can add lots of ebook gadgets, but that's not what I wanted to do.  However, I have personalised my page, but I've never been a big fan of RSS feeds (prefering email updates), but maybe that's my age ...

Have a good weekend (I'm off to a British Museum exhibition on Sunday and taking my kids on the London Parkland walk on Sat - just in case you were interested....)

Friday, 10 June 2011

My first blog

My first post.
Well, so far so good -   my children would almost be proud of me (they'll have me setting up my own youtube channel next ... )

I'll have a go putting up a photo on my next post - just have to track one down now.  And I'll try to think of something libraryish to say too.

Until next time.